An initiative of Earthwatch Institute

For Educators

ClimateWatch is an authentic learning experience that can be incorporated into tertiary or secondary school subjects, school ground explorations, field excursions, camps, or a long-term learning and phenology-monitoring activity.

Taking part in citizen science that monitors and records plant and animal behaviour is naturally aligned to the Science stream of the national curriculum.

ClimateWatch can be used to build cross-curriculum links in the areas of mathematics, geography, and sustainability. ClimateWatch is also a great way to build student capacity in critical and creative thinking, numeracy and ITC skills.


ClimateWatch is currently developing lesson plans for lower secondary schools with the team at Cool Australia. Please come back to this page to receive updates on these teaching resources, which we aim to make available in early 2018.


Questabird is a birdwatching game where the adventure is real. Observations submitted through this fun smartphone game also contribute to the ClimateWatch database. Questabird have a comprehensive teacher resource on biodiversity for primary school teachers. Find out more here.


Cool Australia

Cool Australia is another non-for-profit organisation that provides award winning curriculum resources about sustainability. Cool Australia has a range of free access teaching resources to support classroom learning. Simply register on their website, and browse through the huge collection of lesson plans.

The Cool Australia climate change and biodiversity topics have a range of activities and units that are perfect companions to ClimateWatch. For example, the ‘changing weather and our environment’ activity asks students to think about how weather and climate changes will affect plants and animals.