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First sub-alpine ClimateWatch Trail

The Earthwatch team have been busy delivering new ClimateWatch monitoring trails across Australia in 2019, including the first sub-alpine ClimateWatch trail at Mount Buffalo National Park in Victoria.

Mt Buffalo has high vegetation biodiversity. It's sensitive, sub-alpine grassland and woodland plant communities are at high risk from the impacts of climate change and pest species.

Earthwatch, in collaboration with Parks Victoria, selected new ClimateWatch indicator species common along the Lake Catani Lakeside Walk to monitor for seasonal changes. The Lakeside Walk is a grade 3 track at Mount Buffalo which is easily accessible for day-visitors. Visit Lake Catani to monitor our sub-alpine species such as Flame Robin and Mountain Grevillea, though you can ClimateWatch anywhere in the park itself.

In mid-October we recorded the first flowering event for Hovea montana (Alpine Rusty-pods or Mountain Purple-pea). We're excited to continue recording the flowering status of this species and others at Lake Catani.