For more than two decades, Earthwatch has worked in partnership with the corporate sector all over the world. ClimateWatch offers employee engagement and professional development opportunities for businesses, whilst supporting scientific research into Australia’s changing climate and other crucial environmental issues.

Join companies like QBE, AMP, Jetstar, and GSA architects in our popular Scientist for a Day program. This program is a team-building and learning day for organisations around climate change, phenology and sustainable living.

Scientist for a Day Program

  • Employees participate in a guided walking tour of a Botanic Gardens nearby, accompanied by Earthwatch scientists and field staff

  • Your team is introduced to climate change and phenology, and receive training on species identification and use of the free ClimateWatch app

  • Through recorded observations, staff actively contribute to ClimateWatch’s database to help scientists understand the impacts of climate change on Australian plants and animals

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if your business is interested in participating in the Scientist for a Day Program.


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Become a ClimateWatch partner

There are a number of benefits to partnering with us:

  • Access to employee engagement and professional development activities such as Scientist for a Day, expeditions and sustainability leadership programs

  • Networking opportunities with other companies, nongovernmental organisations, scientists, and environmental stakeholders

  • Direct support of scientific research focusing on understanding, predicting and mitigating the effects of climate change on Australia’s biodiversity