Want to get started with monitoring and recording species data for ClimateWatch but don’t know where to start? We have established trails in many botanical gardens throughout some Australian capital cities, which make it easy for you to get started! Many of these gardens offer guided walks that you can follow and record your observations. You can easily record through our ClimateWatch app, or you can download and print off a field guide and recording sheet from our website and then manually enter your data later. Our established botanic garden trails give our scientists a consistent, seasonal and reliable source of species data collection over a significant period of time.

Walking a trail is an easy way to get outside and involve your friends, family, students or colleagues in discovering your local environment while contributing to important research. Trails can be explored for short or long walks, daily or weekly or monthly, it’s up to you. Make sure you wear comfortable walking shoes, a hat and sunscreen, and have some water with you.

Australian National Botanic Garden (ANGB) - ClimateWatch trail

With previous generous funding from Friends of the Gardens, the ClimateWatch trail at the ANBG provides signage for the ClimateWatch plants found around the Gardens, as well as two ClimateWatch information signs. Trained volunteers help record observations of species and engage with visitors to the Gardens to become citizen scientists.

You can head to the ANBG trail page and download the appropriate field species guide, trail sightings and recording sheets to record your observations.


It is another way that our visitors can engage with our collection of Australian native plants and contribute to valuable research in protecting our native plant species.”

ANBG General Manager, Peter Byron, 2010