ClimateWatch is an authentic learning experience that can be incorporated into secondary and tertiary school subjects, backyard or school ground explorations, field excursions or camps. Taking part in citizen science that monitors and records plant and animal behaviour is naturally aligned to the Science stream of the Australian curriculum. ClimateWatch is also a great way to build student capacity in critical and creative thinking, numeracy and ITC skills.


ClimateWatch has partnered with Cool Australia to build free climate change and citizen science lessons in the areas of mathematics, geography and science. The lessons focus on phenology, climate change and citizen science. Lessons are linked to the Australian curriculum and serve to empower school children to understand climate issues and contribute to solutions. Each lesson can be used as a stand-alone or together as whole units.

Lesson Plans

About Cool Australia

Cool Australia provides students and educators with free teaching resources and professional development courses. A not-for-profit organisation that upskills teachers by providing teaching materials that embed real-world concepts around environmental, social and economic issues into core subject areas. Created for teachers by teachers, these easily adaptable, curriculum aligned tools include fun and engaging activities that can also be used by parents and carers. 

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At Home

Connect to nature in your backyard and neighbourhoods through ClimateWatch. Our free resources are suitable for primary & secondary school students and adults too.

For educators naturejournal1 instructionsKids Nature journaling

Check out the wildlife in your backyard and record seasonal changes through nature journaling.

Download the pdf.



For educators bingo questionsClimateWatch bingo

Use our questions or make your own with inspiration from the ClimateWatch species.

Download the pdf.





Field recording sheets for school groups

For those without a smart phone or device, download the survey sheets below to record your observations.

Download field recording sheets.

Some things to remember:

  • Familiarise yourself with ClimateWatch species
  • Schedule a computer session after field activity to enter your observations into the ClimateWatch web app
  • Photos are essential to help validate records for scientific use