Doonan Creek Environment Reserve forest canopy Sunshine Coast Council

Sunshine Coast – Doonan Creek Environment Reserve, QLD

Doonan Creek Environmental Reserve is comprised of 334 hectares of diverse coastal floodplain habitat including seven different vegetation communities. The 3.12km ClimateWatch trail traverses through revegetated bushland into the centre of the environmental reserve and back again. Several tree planting events have been hosted at the site throughout the years, demonstrating the process of revegetating an area through citizen science next to old remnant forest and swampland.

The site was purchased by Sunshine Coast Council in August 2013 under the Environment Levy Land Acquisition Program to protect the areas biodiversity and support a critical link in Commonwealth mapped Maroochy - Noosa Wallum Corridor.

The Kabi Kabi First Nation’s People have also identified the reserve as culturally significant, located adjacent to ceremonial pathways and songlines.

Today remnant wetlands and vegetated areas cover most of the site which includes endangered lowland subtropical gallery rainforest, koala habitat, scribbly gum forest, areas of coastal heath, melaleuca forest, and wetlands. Approximately 29ha remain as cleared open space from previous agricultural activities onsite.

This reserve is open to the public and can be walked anytime. Your observations will help scientists and Sunshine Coast Council to understand how our region is changing as a result of climate change and inform strategies to address these impacts.

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